History Of Locks

Locks and humanity’s need for security have been around for thousands of years, with the earliest known examples dating back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The early locks were simply designed and were made of wood or metal, normally using a pin or bolt to prevent the lock from opening. Over time, locks became a … Read more

Profile Of A Common Burglar

Leaving the stereotypes aside, the profile of a common burglar can vary widely, as there is no one-size-fits-all description. However, there are some common characteristics and patterns that have been identified among many burglars. It’s important to note that these are generalisations, and not all burglars will fit this profile. Burglars can be of any … Read more

Burglars Look For Specific Opportunities

Burglars look for specific opportunities and vulnerabilities when selecting potential victims. It’s essential to understand these factors to help protect your home and property. Some of the things that burglars may consider when looking for a victim are obvious. Burglars often target homes where they believe no one is present. They might watch for signs … Read more

Burglars do not have a universal preference…

https://youtu.be/i_xZ3RBFW94?si=19vzmHNVAdiP9UpM Burglars do not have a universal preference for either doors or windows, as their choice depends on various factors which include the specific circumstances and vulnerabilities of the target property.  Burglars will often target the entry point that appears to be the easiest to breach. If a door or window is poorly secured or … Read more

Autumn & Winter Timetable

With Autumn and winter approaching fast we continue to provide around-the-clock services and our 0800 707 4203 is mended 24/7, Fast Locksmith’s helpful staff is ready to advise and repair any damage and open any lock.  We are a phone call away. British Winter time begin, click here

Locksmith Near Me

The Google search term “near me” is better tuned and becoming more significant because it reflects a common and practical way people search for information and services, especially when they are looking for something in their immediate vicinity. When someone searches for something “near me” on Google, they are typically seeking local results that are … Read more

Repairing An Intercome System

Repairing an intercom system can vary widely depending on the issues you’re facing and the type of intercom system you have. Here’s a general guide to help you troubleshoot and potentially repair common intercom system problems.  Before attempting any repairs, identify the specific issue with your intercom system. Is it not powering on? Is the … Read more

Bank Holiday August 2023

Fast Locksmith Services continues to offer our regular high-standard services throughout the day to all of our customers on demand.  We can be contacted either via our office number 0800 707 4203 or directly on 07458 149 104, we are happy to help and advise in any situation.

Intercom Advantages and Limits

An intercom is a communication device that allows people in different locations to talk to each other, almost like a two-way radio built into a building or a specific area. It’s designed to make communication easier, especially when direct face-to-face interaction might not be possible or convenient. Imagine you’re in one room of a building, … Read more

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