Burglars Look For Specific Opportunities

Burglars look for specific opportunities and vulnerabilities when selecting potential victims. It’s essential to understand these factors to help protect your home and property. Some of the things that burglars may consider when looking for a victim are obvious.

Burglars often target homes where they believe no one is present. They might watch for signs that a home is empty, such as no lights on during the evening, mail and newspapers piling up, or an empty driveway.  They prefer homes with easy entry points, such as unlocked doors and windows or weak locks. They may also look for homes with damaged doors or windows that can be easily forced open.  Homes with concealed entrances, like a dark and secluded backyard, can be more attractive to burglars because they provide cover and reduce the chances of being seen.

Homes without security systems, alarm systems, or surveillance cameras are more appealing to burglars and regarded as easy prey.  Burglars want to minimise their chances of being caught.  Homes with valuable items visible from the outside, such as expensive electronics, jewellery, or cash, are more tempting targets.

Overgrown bushes and trees can provide cover for burglars to hide while attempting to break into a home. Well-maintained landscapes with good visibility make it harder for them to go unnoticed.  Homes in isolated or less frequented areas are often more attractive targets because there are fewer witnesses around.  Homes with visible signs of security, such as alarm system stickers, can deter burglars. They may avoid homes that appear to have these security

measures in place.  If a burglar sees unlocked cars in the driveway or on the street, it may signal that the homeowner is less security-conscious and more vulnerable.


Credit: City Prepping Burglars may watch for patterns in a household’s behaviour, like learning when the occupants leave for work or vacation. Homes with predictable routines are much easier to target.  It’s important to take measures to reduce these vulnerabilities and make your home less appealing to potential burglars. This can include installing security systems, using quality locks, keeping your property well-lit, and varying your daily routines to make it more difficult for someone to predict when your home is empty. Community watch programs and good relationships with your neighbours can also help deter criminal activity.

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