Intercom (Door entry system)

Electronic door entry systems for shared buildings and complexes are designed to manage access to the premises. They are commonly utilised in apartment buildings, office buildings, and other multi-tenant facilities to provide secure entry and prevent unauthorised access. These systems comprise a primary entry door or gate that is locked and can only be accessed by authorised personnel or residents. Guests can gain entry either by contacting an apartment or office via an intercom system or by obtaining access from the resident they are visiting.

Door entry systems come equipped with various features, such as electronic key cards or fobs for keyless entry, surveillance cameras for monitoring entryways, and automatic locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, these systems can be integrated with other security measures like alarms and surveillance cameras to provide comprehensive security for the building or complex.

In essence, door entry systems for shared buildings and complexes are an efficient means of improving security and regulating access. At Fast Locksmith Services, we offer repairs and upgrades of existing systems and the locks associated with them.

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